August 12, 2022

In response to the article we published with entertainer Andy Reay click here on the subject of what do you do during Self Isolation, we have started to receive messages from many happy people as you will see.

We have another difficult case of Denise Easterbrook and Janice Cherry who are stuck in the TRNC and want to let their friends and family know where they are and are desperate to know when they can go back to the UK.

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing good news.


Readers Mail….
From Denise Easterbrook and Janice Cherry

“Hi Chris,

My friend Janice Cherry and I are stuck in Northern Cyprus after we came on holiday on the 5th March from Plymouth in Devon where it seems we have more rain than sun. We had a fabulous week with friends then on Friday 14th March we told we need to self isolate, which we did and just spent time with our English friends during evenings for a meal and playing games but that has all stopped from last night 23rd March.

We were due to leave on a BA flight on the 25/3/2020 but that flight was cancelled and my husband has informed me the first flight out with BA is 1st May. So our lovely holiday in the sun was turned upside down by the Coronavirus situation and we are staying in my holiday home in Kucuk Erenkoy and are very lucky to be able to stay safe and keep away from possible infection.

We are both NHS workers and desperate to get back to UK to support our NHS staff. We are also very lucky that people have been very helpful on the island, making sure we are OK.

In a situation like this, you just have to make do and we hope we will be able to return to our friends and family very soon.

Thank you for offering to share our predicament

Denise and Janice”

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