August 9, 2022

Minister of Public Works and Transport Tolga Atakan issued a thank you message to the health and safety teams and staff in the departments of the ministry in this troubled period of the country. The message of Minister Atakan is as follows:

As a country, we are going through a difficult and troublesome process. We will overcome this process together, collectively, by protecting each other.

While some measures have been taken by our government in order to prevent the spread of the global Covid-19 outbreak in TRNC, our citizens have taken maximum care not to leave their homes following the recommendations, and social events and gatherings have stopped temporarily in the public and private sectors.

I extend my sincere thanks for the continuation of essential services – the Civil Aviation Department (SHD) Air Traffic Branch Supervisor, Communication Supervisor, Operations Supervisor, Technical Affairs Branch Supervisor and Fire Department Supervisor, Meteorology Department, Telecommunication Department, Ports Department, Famagusta Port Authority, Girne Port Authority and Port Workers Company and their staff, as well as Kar-İş, which provides transportation support in this process.

Thanks to their devoted efforts, our people will survive this situation with minimal disruption.”  

Tolga Atakan

Minister of Public Works and Transportation

Source (Turkish): Ministry of Public Works and Transportation Posted 20 March 2020

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