August 15, 2022

With regard to the measures taken by the Council of Ministers in respect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, a number of initiatives have been introduced by Girne Municipality  in order to implement some precautionary practices for grocery stores in Girne.

In her statement, Girne Municipality Health Department Branch Supervisor, Naile Soyel, said “In order to protect public health, it is necessary to provide some additional applications. The implementation of some measures that will have a significant impact on the Covid-19 Coronavirus as well as the Food Safety rules is vital for the protection of public health.”

Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü stated; “Protecting the health of our people under all conditions is among our top priorities. Including the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the Coronavirus and the decisions of our District Security Council, we are constantly working on measures to protect the health of our local people. Many possible risks will be prevented by some measures being taken by the market enterprises where the basic food needs are met. At this point, we ask everyone to be cooperate and be patient with each other.”

In order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, Girne Municipality Health Department specified the rules that market enterprises should follow in accordance with the measures taken throughout the country as follows;

  • The number of people entering the market at any one time should be kept under control. The necessary guidance should be provided to avoid excessive density.
  • In the market; Necessary warnings should be made to ensure that individuals keep at least one meter distance from each other.
  • Hygienic mats and hand disinfectant unit should be placed at market entrances.
  • Each grocery business should create its own team to take basic hygiene measures within the business.
  • General cleaning and sanitation operations of the floor, shelf edges and cash checkout  should be provided at regular intervals.
  • Handles of shopping carts and shopping baskets should be disinfected regularly and continuously.

All market staff must follow general food hygiene rules.

  • All market employees, including hand hygiene; should fulfill personal hygiene practices completely.
  • The staff working at the cash desk should wear gloves and masks at all times and hand hygiene practices should be carried out.
  • Credit card machines where customers insert their credit cards should be cleaned following each usage, in order to contribute to the protection of personal hygiene.
  • Production and sales of ready meals at the markets have been stopped.
  • Disinfection applications are instant. In places where the flow of people is continuous, this application; (especially at points such as cash checkouts, shopping carts, toilets, door handles etc. where citizens are in contact with hands) should be maintained at certain intervals.
  • In ensuring disinfection of surfaces;
  • Chlorine based (such as bleach, domestos etc) or chemical solutions with antiseptic properties (such as dettol, sanitol etc.) should be used.
  • Closed environments should be regularly ventilated.
  • Alcohol-based disinfectants with a minimum content of 70% or solutions with antiseptic properties should be used for hand hygiene.
  • In-market ventilation should be provided continuously.

Health Branch contact numbers – 0533 8505465 – 0533 8702014

Source (Turkish): Girne Municipality

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