BRS News, 50 seats available on Repatriation Flight to UK

Chairman of the British Residents’ Society, Peter Wilkins has asked us to share this breaking news as widely as possible.


We have been informed by a tour operator that they may have 50 seats available for British Passport Holders only, on a specially chartered flight back to London Stansted, that could depart Ercan early on Saturday (21st March) via Antalya but this is still subject to final confirmation by both the UK Government and other authorities, who have yet to give final permission for the flight to be allowed to touch down in Turkey, possibly for re-fuelling, but it has been confirmed if the flight is permitted, that passengers will not be allowed to leave the plane during the period of the touchdown.

The class of travel will be economy and the baggage allowance will be limited to 20 kilos per person.

The estimated cost of each seat will be £350 but this is subject to confirmation.

The British Government in the first instance has asked the tour operator to provide them with copies of the Passport Picture pages of each person who wishes to travel on this flight.

If you wish to travel on this flight, and are prepared to make an immediate payment, preferably over the telephone using a debit or credit card, once you have been contacted by the tour operator, then you are asked to e-mail the following information to immediately ;

  • Full Name on Passport
  • Nationality (British only)
  • Passport number
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Issue date
  • Expiry date
  • Issuing authority

Please do not telephone the call centre.

In view of the very limited number of seats available, the tour operator will be dealing with all requests for seats strictly on a first come first served basis.

Please note that the BRS is only involved to co-ordinate this information being shared amongst British Passport holders, in order to assist the tour operator to make the availability of these seats known to as many British Passport holders as possible, as quickly as possible.

As such the information is being shared with the Royal British Legion, CyprusScene and some other UK centric Groups.

Please do not contact the BRS regarding the availability of these seats or booking of these seats as we are unable to assist you. The BRS has no influence in determining who will or will not be able to get a seat, the availability of which is open to all British Passport Holders, whether they are BRS members or not.

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