January 29, 2023

By Richard Beale……

With virtually all sport being stopped because of the Coronavirus, we thought it will be an appropriate time to revive our Sporting Trivia Quiz. The answers will appear in the CyprusScene Enewspaper  and answer to the “Stinker “ question that will appear in next week’s edition.

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Q 1: When the Premier Football League was suspended on the 9th March, how many points were Liverpool leading second placed Manchester City by 23/25/26 or 27 ?

Q 2: England Cricket Team tour was cut short due to the virus, which country were they touring at the time ?

Q 3: On the 9th March the last English Premier League match between which teams was played before the cancellation of the League due to the virus ?

Q 4: Dump, floater and wipe !, are terms used in what team sport ?

Q 5: Former England Rugby star Mike Tindall married which member of the Royal Family in 2011 ?

Q 6: The Football World Cup has been won by which 5 European countries ?

Q 7: Who will represent London in the new domestic cricket competition “The hundred” ? Cockney Crusaders, Surrey Sabres, Oval Originals or London Pride ?

Q 8: Archery is the National sport of Bhutan, Denmark, Thailand or Switzerland ?

Q 9: Who won the 2020 Australian Open Men’s Tennis singles ?

Q10: Which football League club was expelled by the Football League in August 2019 ?

Q11: When England won the 50 over ICC Cricket World Cup in July 2019, in the “super over” who were the two English batsmen at the crease ?

Q12 : In February 2020 which round did Deontay Wilder corner “throw in the towel” to stop the WBC Champion fight against Tyson Fury ? 6/7/8/9.

Q13: To supplement his acting earnings in his early days Kirk Douglas was a professional in what sport ?

Q14: Who is the oldest English Premier League manager ?

Q15: What is the national sport of Japan ?


Who is currently the longest serving football manager in the English Football League?

(answer in next week’s Enewspaper.)

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