August 9, 2022

In response to the article we published with entertainer Andy Reay click here on the subject of what do you do during Self Isolation, we have started to receive messages from many happy people as you will see.

For those readers who would also like to share their experiences please email and we will try to publish them on our website and in our weekly online e-newspaper. Let’s try to make the world happy again by sharing good news.


Readers Mail
Janina Kufluk-Thackery

Hi, we are still in UK and not being asked to self-isolate yet, but it has been really heart-warming how many local communities are organising lists of volunteers to do shopping, prescription collections, etc, etc for their elderly neighbours.  (Sadly there are also the inevitable scammers trying to take advantage of the elderly.)

We shall be gardening and going for walks when the weather allows (like the beautiful day we have had today 16th march 2020) and in less good weather I will have loads of time to:

  • Turf out cupboards and spring clean
  • Continue with my family history research
  • Read books and digital newspapers
  • Do the crosswords and sudoku
  • Continue trying to learn Turkish and Polish
  • Paint and sketch
  • Dream up plans for remodeling the kitchen and bathroom and installing a downstairs loo
  • Prune the photographs we are storing online and see if any are worth printing
  • Go through our collection of ancient negatives and see if any are worth uploading to the computer via my new gadget…..

I think that will keep me busy enough, though what my husband Brian is going to do without his football I don’t know!.

Today (17th March) is Day 1 and we are planning a walk shortly to replace our water aerobics at a local leisure club.  

Best wishes to you all in the TRNC, hopefully, we will be able to join you at the end of April!

Janina and Brian

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  1. Pleased to hear you are both well and keeping busy, I am under lockdown so cannot see my lady from the south but we talk on social media constantly and, I guess, it will not be forever. Much love. xxx

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