August 12, 2022

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

There are over 350 million in the world, suffering from over 6,000 rare diseases. These patients are spread throughout the world.  However, a “Rare Diseases Day”, has been organised world over on the last day of February, every year.

On 29th February, 2020 “The Rare Diseases Day” was organised for the first time in the TRNC. The Near East University (NEU) took the lead by organising a seminar about this day.

According to the information given by NEU, Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, Medical Genetics Department Head and the President of the European Biotechnology Group, Prof. Dr. Munis Dündar who participated in the seminar as an invited speaker gave a presentation entitled “Rare diseases in developing countries”.

Organised by the Medicine Faculty of Near East University, the seminar was attended by approximately 60 faculty members, physicians and students from various universities and state institutions of Northern Cyprus.


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