March 22, 2023

By Chris Elliott….

By using the internet and writing about Northern Cyprus resulted in me eventually living in the TRNC, but let me explain more.


Having come to Northern Cyprus a couple of times for a holiday and approaching that age when you think about retiring, I had the idea that I would like to work here. Now as we all know that’s not possible unless you are invited and acquire a work permit.

On one of my holiday visits I looked around and was talking to a number of builders about buying a property and also looked into the prospects of working but this did not lead anywhere until I had a message from a contact that there was an opportunity to work for a local company who I phoned and was asked  – what can you do for us in the UK when we want help here in Northern Cyprus?

So this is where the story begins and my reply was – send me photos of your products and prices and I will create a PDF catalogue and share it with interested persons. Sounds easy, but it was not as the internet then was by a dial up telephone connection with, as I recall, 128k or 256K access speed which is real snail’s pace compared with current services which we often think is slow or troublesome

So that’s what led me to come to live and initially work in Northern Cyprus and through my life here the use of the internet has played a major part in pursuing the interest and activities I have and it seems you can download our FREE CyprusScene Enewspaper PDF file in the blink of an eye.

Here in Northern Cyprus we have internet services which come via a fibre-optic cable link from Turkey from TT Nett which is distributed from a number of ISP (internet Service providers). Wow how times have changed and how good is it, or how long is a piece of string?

Today we are talking about general internet packages being offered of say 4 Megabytes or more being delivered by various means.

So what of the future? The TRNC Department of Telecommunication and the Turkish communications giant Türk Telekom is working on developing the capacity and quality of the internet in North Cyprus. The internet service capacity from Turkey is currently 75 gigabytes, which will be doubled within the next two years approximately and then shared with the registered ISPs that are in operation.

Seeing is believing – Internet TV

Without good internet and streaming of programs, watching internet TV is a bit of an issue and we all want to watch our favourite programs without interruption.

Over the years we have seen various companies come and go in Northern Cyprus who have offered internet TV services but let’s not forget this involves the installation of various special equipment, some of which we have experienced but recently we had installed by Yen of Wizard Technologies an Amazon Firestick which is amazing in performance and at reasonable cost and also gives the user the option of many add-on applications. So as we are not experts but are satisfied users contact Yen for help and advice through the contact box below. 

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