May 31, 2023

While the measures against the world-threatening Coronavirus epidemic continue, Girne Municipality has started to take some precautions.

In the statement made by the Press and Public Relations Department of Girne Municipality; All social, cultural and sports activities they have organised  have been postponed temporarily for precautionary purposes.

They also added “Since we consider the health of our people with regard to Coronavirus (Covid-19) , which has been observed in our country since last night (9th March 2020), all activities due to be carried out from today (10th March) have been postponed as a means of precaution.

Nidai Güngördü, Mayor of Girne, who made a statement on the subject said; “We accelerated our work with responsibility and sensitivity regarding all the precautions to be implemented for the health of our people. Firstly, we decided to temporarily postpone all the activities we organised as a Municipality. Currently, all our relevant departments are continuing to inform the public on the subject of Coronavirus, such as leaflets, posters and banners.”

He added, the public should take into account all the warnings made as a precaution and read the informative articles about what should be done to protect themselves.

Source: Girne Municipality


2 thoughts on “Girne Municipality taking precautions regarding Coronavirus

  1. Very informative…to only to start with.

    But the poster is not in English so I cannot read about the precautions. As I am visiting next week the translation would be very useful.

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