December 8, 2023

Within the framework of the “City Awards“, organised for the first time this year, Girne Municipality held a magnificent event on Saturday, 7 March 2020, at 15:00, where 22 women working in the city were given awards.

At the event, which took place in Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre, 22 women working in the city received awards.  Speaking at the opening of the event, Girne Municipality Social Affairs Branch Supervisor Misli Kadıoğlu emphasised that with the awards of the strong women of the city, which has been recognised for the first time this year, their aim is not only for the city but for all women in the world to be strong and that all women deserve a reward for their labour.

Kadıoğlu, reminded that humanity, and especially children and women, struggled to survive in fear, uncertainty, homelessness, hunger and pain, and that there were great humanitarian dramas in our nearby geography and wished them to live in fraternity. Stating that one of the most important ways to create a fair and peaceful world is through gender equality, Kadıoğlu reminded that one out of every three women in North Cyprus is subjected to violence, and emphasised that it is necessary to not ignore violence but to fight against violence to women, and fight against hate speech.

Stating that there is violence, discrimination against women in the country, women are sold and children are abused, Kadıoğlu stated that as Girne Municipality, they implemented the Girne Municipality Advisory and Support Center on 9th March 2018 to produce solutions to these issues. Kadıoğlu explained that substance addicts and their relatives, children, adolescents, adults and couples were provided with psychological counselling and expert support at the Centre, and various training and seminars were arranged to raise awareness about many social problems.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü spoke at the ceremony and said that all women living in the city make a significant contribution to the development of city life and society, “Cities are not only buildings, cities are also people, people’s assets make cities beautiful. “When nice people identify with cities, cities become even more beautiful.”   As Girne Municipality, in order to honour working women who add value to work and social life by doing important work in different areas in the city, to emphasise the awareness of their assets, labour and the work they do, this year to celebrate 8th March International Women’s Day, they gave the women “the strong women of the city” awards.  Stating that the City’s Powerful Women awards were a first for the city Güngördü thanked everyone who worked hard to come up with this idea.

Güngördü congratulated the women and said that the women of the city will continue to be honoured by making their awards more traditional and adding value to the city with their work. After the speeches, the CVs of 22 working women who were entitled to receive the “Women of the City” awards organised by Girne Municipality for the first time this year were read out and the awards were given.

Ayten Berkalp, Aydın Cümbezli, Canan Aksoy, Ferdiye Menteş, Hatice Bittaci, Huriye Altinör, Hülya Dereboylu, İlknur Kanbur, Münevver Tuna, Neşe Anibal, Nisa Imamoglu, Oya Kutsal, Özlem Tuyluoglu, Pelin Özyalçin, Pelin Ayder, Pervin Üstünsoy, Peyman Erginel, Remziye Şahin, Sevgül Yanaroğlu, Şerife Eminağa, Zekiye Paşa, Zerrin Gürler.


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