August 18, 2022

A seminar entitled “Family attitudes, coping with adolescence and anxiety” was organised by Girne Municipality Counselling and Support Center and experts gave information to families.

Expert clinical psychologist, Pembe Ardıç and psychologist Behiye Kaşif attended the seminar held at 19 May Turkish Maarif College as speakers. Mayor of Girne Nidai Güngördü highlighted the importance of education and awareness studies and gave information about Girne Municipality Advisory and Support Center.

While discussing the concept of family at the Seminar, communication and family attitudes were mentioned and information was given about healthy family structure, what to do and avoid for communication, details of adolescence and the formation of identity in this process were discussed. It was stated that the adolescence period is a process in which the most dramatic changes and developments are experienced throughout life, and that it was not observed that there were serious biological and psychological effects in this process. During the seminar, it was also indicated that academic success could be affected during this period when anxiety increased and what methods could be taken in coping with examination anxiety.

Source: Girne Municipality

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