August 19, 2022

Minister of Health Ali Pilli was the guest of Sabah News Program broadcast on BRT.

Minister Pilli talked about the incidents and fire that broke out in Nicosia Doctor Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital on Friday 28th February.  Pilli stated that a final fire-related report has been prepared and this will be shared with the public.

Expressing that there was a rapid and efficient action on patient transfers due to the fire, Minister Pilli said that fire-fighters, civil defence and hospital employees worked systematically in patient transfers.

Pilli said, “During the evacuation there were hidden heroes and I saw them all. It was an admirable accomplishment and I thank everyone very much.”

Pilli also announced that the 2802 line was activated to meet the urgent needs of the Hospital, and the call for mobilisation to the community was successful.  “Our citizens can donate 5TL by writing HELP and sending a message to 2802 to help cover the damage and meet the urgent needs in the hospital,” said Minister Pilli.

Stating that the works are continuing in order to eliminate the problems related to the infrastructure deficiencies in health, Minister Pilli stated that it is a matter of urgency for a further hospital to be established in Nicosia.

Stating that they have taken over the Girne American University Hospital and are at the tender stage, Minister Pilli said that the 120-bed Hospital will serve as a public hospital.

Pilli also made a statement regarding the Coronavirus outbreak measures and announced that a flight restriction was imposed at Ercan Airport.  Pilli underlined that accordingly, passengers from Iraq, Iran, Italy, South Korea and China will not be accepted, other than TRNC citizens.

Source: Ministry of Health

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