August 9, 2022

Cyprus (Vakıflar) Foundations Administration Board Chairman Mustafa Gökmen made a donation to Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital, at which Prime Minister Ersin Tatar and Health Minister Ali Pilli were also present, and made a statement in front of the hospital.  He said “Our aim is to announce and contribute to the people of the country by the Foundation Administration”.

Gökmen stated that the Foundations Administration had an Extraordinary Meeting after the fire that took place in Girne State Hospital on Friday 28th February and at this meeting they decided to start a donation campaign.  The campaign was started by donating 1 million TL to the hospital as the Cyprus Foundation Administration. Gökmen also said: “We also donated 5 fully equipped ambulances to the hospital, which will be implemented within 2 days.”

Stating that the Foundations Administration acted with the philosophy of “do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”, but this donation is a public donation,” he said. Gökmen concluded his words by saying that as Turkish Cypriots “We want our own meat to be fried in our own oil”.

Source: Ministry of Health

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