December 8, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

In collaboration with Rustem Bookstore,  the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) arranged a talk with Yeşim Kartaler, on 20 February 2020. “Is It Easy to Establish a Museum?” was the main topic addressed by her. The event was a part of the artistic activities of the university.

Yeşim Kartaler is a well known name in the field of museum. She is actively involved in creation and running museums in Turkey.

Kartaler talked about various issues including the role of the museums in society and their effects on project processes and touched upon how to implement a museum creation project in the axis of space, theme and collection, as well as themes.

Kartaler mentioned that city museums address local issues including local identity, migration, and climate change and general issues including problems in the world and added that museums have also become places for learning and have an obligation to inform the society.

Kartaler mentioned that the city museums are centres where the problems about the city are discussed with collective and democratic participation, new ideas are produced for the future and projects are carried out in this context. In addition to acting as memory stores, Kartaler added that city museums are established with values ​​such as cultural diversity, cultural dialogue, cultural access, participation, inclusion, cultural policies and integration.

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