August 15, 2022

Theater Days Activities of Girne Municipality continued with the play “The Silence of Kondela” on March 3 (Tuesday).

The summary sentence of Kondela’s Silence play can be said to be “not to exist, but to exist” … and the play proceeds from this sentence.

Subject of the play: Kondela is a popular actress who is considered famous. With her husband, child and successful business life, she is an artist that everyone follows with envy. In one of her busy days, her assistant came to prepare Kondela for the new day. but Kondela is not talking!! The nurse will help her ….

Tickets for events are 20TL and can be obtained from Girne Municipality (0392 650 0100) and Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre Box Office (0533 821 2144).

Theatre Days Activities March Program of Girne Municipality is as follows:

  • 5 March “Without Defrosting Ice”
  • 10-12 March “Woman”
  • 24 March “Officer Moroccan”
  • March 26 “Crazy”

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