December 4, 2023

The training organised by Girne Municipality Counseling and Support Centre within the scope of “1st-31st December Childhood Cancer Awareness Month” was attended by Oncologist Mine Çağlar as a speaker and ended with the last event held on 26th February 2020.

In December,  seminars were held on cancer disease in Karaoğlanoğlu Primary School, Hasan Cafer Primary School, 23 April Primary School for the 4th and 5th Grade students, and at Şehit Hasan Cafer primary school on 21st February 2020 continuing at the 23rd April Primary School on 25th and 26th February 2020 and have been completed.

According to the information given by the Municipality; Oncologist Mine Çağlar answered the questions of the children by informing them about the subject in the seminars that included topics such as “What Is Cancer Disease” “What Causes Cancer Disease” “How To Protect From Disease”.    

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