August 11, 2022

Readers mail….
Susie Ford…

What a fantastic evening I had with lots of loving special people!

A packed house at the Balti House, Esentepe for a quiz with a difference.   I actually took part in the quiz with 3 rounds being written and called by Annette McCloskey, Kate Bell and Pat Malloy. Thank you girls!   Lots of laughter and fun was had by all!

Thank you to everybody who gave me birthday kisses and hugs, wishes , prezzies and cards.  Thank you to Mahmood Elvis Mahli for getting me a lovely birthday cake and offering starters on the house xx

  • 1st   Charlies Mob / Tyke That
  • 2nd   Chicks n Dicks
  • 3rd   The Shebells               All received cash prizes
  • The famous Susie’s Losers Lemon went to the 4 Fakes
  • A certificate was also awarded for the Lemon Losers of 2019, Ossy and Susy from Anglo-Swedes.

Some great Karaoke singing finished off the night!

Also thank you for all my lovely messages, over 160 on Facebook.

Thank you for making me feel the love and so special xx


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