Theatre play “We Didn’t Cook, We Will Eat Again” was staged in Girne.

The theatre play “We Didn’t Cook, We Will Eat Again ” was staged at the Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre.

The play staged by the Aegean People’s Theatre was the last performance in February within the scope of the Theatre Days Events of Girne Municipality.

Approaching the inequality of women and men through a critical window, the sensitivity of a woman’s right to life was explained in a tragicomic language. Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü presented flowers to the actors and the director, who came onto the stage at the end of the play, which was applauded by art lovers.

Girne Municipality’s Theatre Days March Program is as follows:

  • 3 March –  ”The Silence of Kondela”
  • 5 March –  ”Without Defrosting”
  • 10-12 March –  ”Woman”
  • 24 March –  ”Officer Moroccan”
  • 26 March –  ”Crazy”

Tickets for events are 20TL and can be obtained from Girne Municipality (0392 650 0100) and Girne Municipality Chamber Theatre Box Office (0533 821 2144).

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