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In North Cyprus, Spring is HERE!

By Kate Cornwell…. 

It is just so wonderful to go walking with the dogs with blossom out everywhere and the tiny little wild plants popping up all over – oh what a delight.

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year in Cyprus, when it is not too hot but warm and so colourful. Everywhere is so green even the weeds are so flamboyant, great to walk through it all, not so wonderful when we have to pull them up in our garden, I must admit!! Still it is a time for growth, a time to see new life appear and a time to celebrate the beauty of this great countryside.

A couple of days ago I was in my garden and back in October I planted 3 roses on top of my border collie’s grave and one of the rose bushes, had the most magnificent deep red rose and the scent, well I have not smelled anything so beautiful for many a year. This brought a smile to my face, one due to the stunning rose and the other to the wonderful memories of a truly amazing dog who was my best friend for over 16 years.

I have lived here for many years and I am still in wonder at so many Cypriots who I see out in the countryside picking what looks to me like weeds – many times I stop and ask and they are always so happy to show me and explain what it is and what can be made from it. Just so interesting and I just love to learn from these people.

I have a lovely friend Rose, who is a Cypriot, and her knowledge of herbs and most things growing in the fields is just amazing too and I love it when I walk with her and she shows me the different plants, herbs, which I would have honestly just walked past. Last year I picked loads of wild garlic, which you can freeze. The heads are like seeds and are wonderful in salads as well as in cooking. The stem is tall and when they are ready to pick the heads are a purple colour.

I have recently come across a web site – www.cyprusgardener.co.uk which gives advice on plants, fruit trees, nuts, vegetables that grow here, and when to plant etc A really interesting site for the garden lovers.

To be out in the open and not stuck in the house – mine in the winter like a freezer until the wood burner is lit, (like most Cypriot houses, built for summer not winter!), is just so great, so for me to get out and walk in the warmth is just so refreshing and sometimes I just sit totally tranquil and am happy looking at the superb views, plus the wonderful view of the Turkish coastline and its mountains, which still has loads of snow – what a fabulous site. This is the time to embrace life even if sometimes we feel a little low in our lives. So get out there and enjoy the Spring which will lift your hearts, hopefully a little, like mine!