December 9, 2023

By Chris Elliott …..

Belonging to an association is good as it enables you to make new friends and enjoy events the association organises as well as helping causes they like to support.

We have just received news of the recent Anglo Turkish Association trip to the Datça Almond Blossom Festival in Turkey which was 8/9/10/11 February 2020 and are sharing below their photos which you can see or download and this is how their tour was described:.

“Datça is a spectacular peninsula located between the better-known holiday destinations of Bodrum and Marmaris that is known for its beautiful nature, history and beaches. What it is also known for is its spectacular almond blossoms, which bloom at this time of the year. Coupled with the yellow daisies that cover the ground with the first sign of the sun, the area turns into a wonderland that welcomes visitors to experience the region in all of its glory. This three-day festival will be the 3rd annual Datça Almond Blossom Festival to take place and is a must see experience for anyone looking to start the year off with a memory that will last forever.

Our Tour starts off in the ancient Greek cities of Priene and Herakleia situated in southwestern Turkey, passing through Knidos, Datça (The home of the Almond Flower Festival) and Emecik before ending with a scenic river tour along the crystal clear waters of the Azemek River. Today in Priene and Herakleia the relative poverty and simple houses of the modern village stand in striking contrast to the grandeur and the sheer monumentality of the ancient remains visible all around. Indeed, the location strikes the visitor as an unlikely spot for a once great and affluent city. How could an urban community have thrived here for centuries? The reason for this strangeness is found in the profound changes the Turkish coastline has undergone since antiquity.

In Greek (and Roman) days, Herakleia was a seaport! What is now Lake Bafa was a part of the Aegean Sea known as the Latmian Gulf (LATMIAKOS KOLPOS), entered through a wide mouth separating the famous cities of Miletus and Priene. Millennia of soil deposition by the river Maeander have since closed it off, creating an enclosed lake and stifling the economic potential of its shores.

Priene is most famous for its Temple of Athena Polias, its well-preserved remains are a major source of information about ancient Greek town planning, with an assembly hall, theatre, gymnasium, stadium and many private houses. Herakleia; The most visually arresting feature of ancient Herakleia, must be its incredible city walls and its thousands of graves carved in the rock right next to the walls, although its Agora (marketplace and civic centre) was the pride of ancient Herakleia.

Whilst the remains of the ancient city of Knidos are among the most picturesque historic attractions in the Aegean region.

Our tour finished with an enjoyable, relaxing and not to be forgotten boat ride down the Azemek River.”

For those readers who may wish to join the Anglo Turkish Association please click the following to visit their Website to gain more information. If you are interested in view more details of ATA tours for 2020 please click here.

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