End of February Semester festivities of Girne Municipality.

Half-Year Festivals organised with the slogan of “A Short Break to Education” organised by Girne Municipality, which prepares educational and entertaining activities for children as the schools enter the semester break, ended with the Rhythm Workshop held on 13th February.

The events held at Bandabuliya and Girne Municipality Art Gallery included Painting and Origami Workshops, Ceramics Workshop, Children’s Party, Fairy Tale Workshop, Table Games and Rhythm Workshop. Free activities for all children were met with great interest.

Speaking at the event, Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that participation in educational and entertaining activities for children is increasing every year. He stated that a Child Council was recently established and that children now also contribute to the city administration.

He thanked Ayten Deniz, who provided stationery items for the organisation of the events, and said to the children, “If you want to live in a better world, love people, animals and nature.”