Goals, Goals, Goals, and more Goals for Geçitkale GSK

By Richard Beale …..

The Six Nations Tournament may have begun in the UK, but you cannot help thinking that on Saturday rugby had come to Geçitkale in the TRNC.


Saturday February 1 : BTM League Red Group : Geçitkale Stadium

Yes you read that score correctly! this was not a rugby match but a football match! It’s not April 1st but February 1st. I have never in over 55 years of watching competitive football ever witnessed a score like that. The last time I saw scores like that was playing football in the streets when I was a kid.

If you are an Iskele player and your team score 7 goals away from home but you still lose the match – crazy!

To be honest in the end the match became boring, virtually every attack led to a goal, even the players and the spectators got fed up with celebrating.

Being an ex-goalkeeper in my younger days you have to feel sorry for both of the keepers, they were given virtually no protection from their defences, who must have been enjoying the sunny day, and went missing lighting up their barbeques!

Goals, goals two Geçitkale goals

The Geçitkale Goalkeeper who İ rate very highly Gürgan Güngor was guilty of giving 2 gifts of goals to Iskele as was his opposite number Hamit Koç, who could have done better with Geçitkale’s first two goals. Poor Hamit had the indignity to be hauled off after 59 minutes to be replaced by a more experienced keeper in Ügur Ilgün, but even he was beaten 4 times.

The result was important to Geçitkale with Incirli losing 1-0 to the probable Champions Yeniboğaziçi on Sunday, they now move up to second place in the table.

Geçitkale were short on numbers with players either unavailable or injured that required both their Head Coach Hüseyin Yeşilbaş and Assistant Coach Efe Efeoğlu to don their playing strips.

More Goals some Iskele Trabzonspor goals

With Geçitkale leading 9 -4 with 17 minutes to go, fair play to Iskele they made a spirited comeback scoring 3 goals in that remaining period.

With the match having so many goals and me being a “old buffer” my memory is fading so I cannot recall most of the goals, only to say that Geçitkale’s fourth goal was a cracking shot scored by HASAN BAYANDURSUN in the 50th minute.

For the record the goalscorers were :

Geçitkale : HASAN BAYANDURSUN (16,50), AKIN YILDIRIM (27,87), ONURHAN YAZICI (35,54,56), BATUHAN AK (68), VEDAT MARTOLU (72,73)

1461 Iskele Trabzorspor : OKAN CAN (23), HAMIT ÇAKALOĞU. YASIN KURT (59 pen, 90), HASAN UZUN (71 pen), İBRAHİM CAVİT (77,87)

“Man of the Match : AKIN YILDIRIM (Geçitkale) – scored 2 goals and showed some nice touches in midfield.