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The Girne Museum opens with its first exhibition

The Girne Museum will host a group exhibition called “Start” with the theme  “Century-old historical building comes to life”.

The Girne Museum, which has been restored by the Municipality of Girne and transformed into a city museum, was the former KTBK  Logistics Support Group Command Headquarters Building next to Anafartalar High School and it is holding its first event with the theme  “Century-old historical building comes to life”.

The mixed exhibition entitled “Start” will be opened on Friday, 31st January at 18:30. In the group exhibition; the works of artists Ali Erol Soytaç, Ayşe Rabo, Batu Gündal, Bedia Kale, Fügen Koru, Güner Pir, Hasan Eminağa, Hikmet Uluçam, İpek Denizli, Nilgün Güney, Özlem Ekinci, Rauf Ersenal, Salih Çizgiel, Serhat Selışık, Sevcen Çerkez, Sevim Erdal and Şenol Özdevrim will be shown. The exhibition can be visited between 10:00 and 17:00 on weekdays between January 31 and February 07, and between 10:00 and 15:00 on Saturday.

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