December 6, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

Spring, summer, autumn, winter. These are basically the four seasons that all of us know. They follow each other, as if they are chasing. At times we feel as if one season has sped up and bypassed the other one, for a short period of time.

At times one, in particular, extends its span of effectivity. So sometimes one particular season lasts longer than another one. Or in other words, sometimes one particular season comes and goes in a relatively shorter span of time and days.

This is what we all are seeing, observing, passing through, day after day, month after month and year after year. We have all learned to adjust our lives, and our living patterns accordingly. This is what we are used to, from our childhood to the present time.

Viewing television news bulletins all my life, I have learned by heart the topics that the news reporters convey in every particular season. We all come across news about the precautions that we should take due to the change of season.

The news editors know what topics are to be addressed in which season, and so do the reporters.

Don’t you ever find yourself fed up with this repetition of seasons? I am sure most of us get fed up with one or another season. At a particular time of winter, for example, we all get fed up with rain and cold, and in summer from the heat.

After going through the same pattern of all these seasons, I simply want something else. I want something new, some change in the seasons. I feel that I am fed up with the repetition of the four seasons. I need something else. Some new uninvented and inexperienced season. I am sure some may laugh at my wish, but I am serious about it. Why do our lives have to be squeezed between these four seasons? Why not 6 or eight seasons ? Why not?

I know this is what nature must think about, not me. But still, I am thinking.  Perhaps you will also think over it, and let me know.

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