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Golden Retriever found today 29th January, Sardunya Bay area

By Kate Cornwell …..

Today walking my dogs around Sardunya Bay, there was a golden retriever near the crossroads going towards Sardunya Bay Beach Cafe and Bar.

The dog hasn’t been neutered, and has no collar.  It followed us on our walk and back to the cars for half an hour.  We put the dog in my car and drove back to the road going down to Sardunya Beach Bar and stopped at multiple houses to see if they knew who the dog belonged to – to no avail!! 

I went to Garfield vets to see if the dog is chipped – NO!! This is a beautiful dog and I can’t believe someone has dumped it.  I have obviously taken it home and he is with mine and has been fed. 

Will keep him until hopefully, the owner comes forward.


My number is 0533 843 2862

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