Özersay: “Some EU countries are attempting to arbitrate in Cyprus”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay stated that some EU member states have attempted to arbitrate in Cyprus on natural resources.

Özersay answered the questions of journalists at the TRNC Assembly regarding the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Upon a question regarding cooperation between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots in Cyprus on the natural resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, Kudret Özersay said that EU members and leading countries have been attempting to arbitrate among the parties on natural resources in the past 6 months. Moreover, there is no single actor.

Stating the fact that the natural resources in the region have great financial value and the involvement of multinational companies does not mean that there is no cooperation between the parties on this issue, Özersay said that the Turkish Cypriot side has put forward the view that “cooperation can be achieved” on natural resources, and this has started to be included in international texts as well.

“In this connection, if cooperating in respect of natural gas is also beneficial for international actors, and if international companies do not want to risk their investments here, they may be ready to encourage this cooperation.” Özersay added.

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  1. Not many are aware that, without the Approval of the Orthodox Church no one has the Power to decide on anything in the South.
    They have only the Numerical Advantage Which is Eroding, iff we Could SpreedThis Up By Grunting Citizenships to more Qualified.
    I also believe that the foreign Citizens Who have Chosen to make North Cyprus Their Home Cold be Very Interested To Became Citizen If we made it easier For Them To Do So.
    We Have to be Proactive To Gain the Upper Hand in any Way That Matters.