June 30, 2022

By Chris Elliott…

We were invited along with other friends of Demetra Mustafaoglu to visit her home for a private concert to raise funds for young piano students to be able to travel abroad and this is what she had to say:

With the excellence, love and fortitude of a special musician who deserves a Medal of Honour, Dr Rauf Kasimov has opened doors for the talented and dedicated pianists in the North as he educates, mentors and launches careers from the  TRNC (KKTC). Wife Ayla and maestro formed the KIBRIS PIYANO KÜLTÜR VE SANAT DERNEĞI (CYPRUS Piano Culture and Art Foundation) to support our magnificent young artists and walk them through lessons of technique, art, literature, traditions and performance skills.

Our community has been treated to years of performances at Bellapais Abbey and Karmi Church with standing ovations and award presentations from our dignitaries. How wonderful for all-BUT it’s not just enough to put our hands together in applause after 2 hours of music making. Our young artists need the support of businesses and angels to send our children off the island to compete for titles that will spread the good news of Northern Cyprus, introduce our best GOODWILL AMBASSADORS, the beautiful culture, brilliant and loving people and their abilities. Kasimov’s students have taken over 30 international prizes placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd from ages 7-20!.”

So it was when we all gathered together in lovely surroundings for a great evening of songs from Demetra Mustafaoglu together with her protege Peri Sualp and another dear friend, Katie Economidou supported with music on the piano by maestro Rauf Kasimov.

What was this special evening like? It was summed up so well by another dear friend, Heidi Trautmann who has lived in North Cyprus for many years and is a well-known artist as well as a writer and supporter of art and culture in the TRNC. 

“It is so encouraging for me to see and witness again the support our dear friend Demetra Mustafaoglu gives to the education of young musicians, makes her audience aware of the importance of furthering music, using her beautiful voice, she says God gave to her for such purpose.

She and her husband Mehmet made us feel at home in the huge reception hall of their beautiful house in Catalköy. Demetra had invited Katie Economidou and Peri Sualp to add their voices to the wonderful musical event with our Rauf Kasimov at the piano.

An evening with great style. It is the artists that will change the world for the better, it is the artists that share their talent with us for a good cause,”

A big thank you.”

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