Traffic and the cause of Road Accidents

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

For many years, the front or the second page of the local newspaper is filled with one or more news about traffic and traffic accidents. In a passage of time, we have now become used to such news. We daily look at the heading, the photos of the damaged cars, and the dead and/or injured bodies of people. This is what we go through every day.

Of course, there are a number of reasons which lead to traffic accidents, but I sum all these up in one single word, which is CARELESSNESS.

The word carelessness spans all possible reasons that can come into mind. Unfortunately, carelessness on roads leads to unjust loss of either life or the vehicle or injury of another innocent person.

Though carelessness on the part of two drivers also leads to accidents, they are relatively less in number. Usually it is the carelessness on the part of one  driver, which leads to loss of another driver or passenger. In most cases people lose their lives or get injured in traffic accidents without any mistake of their own.

Just imagine a person is crossing the road when the red light is showing and the traffic has stopped. Yet all of a sudden one vehicle comes from nowhere and hits the pedestrian. Or someone has parked the car on the side of the road and all of a sudden another one runs into it. There may be innumerable instances leading to irreparable loss to innocent people, simply because of carelessness.

According to me there are two important instances of carelessness on the part of drivers, which has recently been quoted as reasons for traffic accidents.

One of these reasons is driving while under the influence of drink. The police frequently stop drivers, to see if they have been drinking or not, but of course they can never check each and every driver. So it has now been left to the personal decision of the driver, to drive or not when drunk. Unfortunately mostly those who have been drinking consider themselves capable enough to drive the vehicle. However, this overconfidence mostly leads to the loss of life of other innocent people.

I feel that if the car manufacturers invent some system that would automatically check the level of drunkenness of the driver, the problem could be solved. For example, some systems that could check the level of alcohol inside the body of the driver, through touch of his hands on the steering wheel, could automatically rule out the chance of drunk driving.

Or maybe some system inside the vehicle that could automatically switch off if the driver is drunk, by measuring the level of alcohol inside the body through automatic control of the breathing of the driver.

Or there maybe another system that would relate to the working of the vehicle directly to the level of alcohol inside the blood of the driver, which would solve the problem.

Another common reason for most of the traffic accidents now is the use of mobile phones while driving. We all experience the same every day. Most of the drivers have developed the talent of using mobile phones while driving. A large number of them are not just listening and talking on the mobile while driving, but  also write the messages while driving.

I believe in such a system where the usage of a mobile phone by the driver of the vehicle is made directly related to the ignition of the vehicle. This means that the car manufacturers must come up with a system where the vehicle automatically stops if the driver gets the mobile phone in his/her hand. There may be some sensors that should automatically stop the vehicle if the mobile phone enters within a specific range around the driver’s seat.

“You may say I am a dreamer”, but I believe that sometimes dreaming is good. However, simply dreaming is not always good. We must work for getting the dreams materialised. Maybe someone will get a clue by reading my dreams and think of taking some positive steps towards controlling the menace of careless drivers.

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  1. There are devices that will inhibit starting a car but the manufactures say it’s too easy to have some non intoxicated person breath into the device to nullifi it’s use, so it’s not “WORTH” fitting.As to mobile phones All the car makers are doing there very best to make them fully connected at all times giving the driver the chance to access the net and all that gives,. Just have a look at the CES show online at the moment.