December 8, 2023

By Trevor Hughes ….

Temporary Residency

The introduction of the new Temporary Residence has certainly had its problems, mainly due to the Government not completely understanding how many categories expats fall into. Couple that with the lack of communication between Government departments and expats giving out incorrect information, or just making it up as they go along.

Well, it is starting to become a little clearer and the process is gradually becoming a little easier. By the time 22nd October  2020 comes along the application procedure problems should all have been ironed out, including the online application system.

If anyone needs more clarification and/or information, we are here for you at Capital Bank, Alsancak.

Because there is a Government requirement to hold private health insurance [private emergency/accident cover] you can either purchase it from an insurance provider at 680TL per year, or go for the Government provision at 340TL  pa. Admittedly you get far more cover than the Government scheme, but it is twice the cost!

Things you may wish to consider:

  • 1 Will you be able to call 112 for a State-run ambulance, possibly not unless you pay their fee.
  • 2 Will the insurance provider be in existence in two years’ time, if not what happens to your Temporary Residence application?
  • 3 When a privately-run ambulance delivers you to their hospital for emergency stabilisation treatment what happens next? Do you stop in that hospital for further treatment or transfer yourself to the State Hospital, saving you a potential fortune!

 On all the above, the choice is yours.

Permanent Residency

The first of some 10,000 foreign residents eligible for the TRNC’s new ‘white ID cards’ have begun applying.

The Interior and Labour Ministry started accepting applications for the 2,000TL permanent residency cards on Monday the 23rd October, after regulations implementing the Laws were approved on 10th December 2019.

Long-term expats can apply once they have six consecutive years of residency, work, or business permits, and business owners and employees may not be out of the country for more than 240 days in six years.

Non-working expats may not have been away for more than 1,080 days during their six years of temporary residency permits, and have to meet other criteria such as having 125,000 euros in a TRNC bank account, or having bought property worth the same amount. Over-60s may apply after three years, during which they may not have been overseas for more than 540 days.

Non-working expats must have private health insurance valid in the TRNC.

Full details and application forms – in both Turkish and English – are available from district offices, and applications should be made at the Interior Ministry in Lefkosa, after which they will be evaluated by a special commission.

I am trying to make contact with the relevant department in order to gain more information.

Vehicle Log Book Alteration

Because some solicitors are losing out on the revenue made by processing a deceased person’s vehicle, they have made overtures to the Government about lost revenue. Processing of any alteration must be accompanied with a letter from a Muhtar with all parties present, otherwise, you must go through your solicitor

Cost of Living Increases

With effect from 6th January 2020, there will be a whole raft of price increases in Government

Procedures, for example, gas and energy, vehicle fuel, Government services and private vehicle insurance. Those prudent amongst us, will keep their fuel tank topped up and save money when the price of fuel increases. Be aware most petrol stations, if not all will be closed on Wednesday 1st January 2020 for the day. Open from Thursday 2nd January as normal.

Insurance Premiums and Important Information


As of January 1st, 2020 the “No Claims Bonus Regulations” will be enacted.

Drivers who have built up a “No Claims Bonus” will be evaluated separately from those that have claimed for damages.

Third Party Insurance base prices will be as follows;-

  • Saloon Vehicles…………………… To be released shortly
  • Motorcycles………………………. To be released shortly
  • Driving Schools………………….. To be released shortly
  • Pick-Ups / Trucks……………….. To be released shortly
  • Taxis………………………………. To be released shortly
  • Rental Cars………………………. To be released shortly
  • Bus/Minibus/Commercial……… To be released shortly

Fully Comprehensive Insurance for vehicles under 50.000TL to be announced shortly.

All companies writing insurance policies are waiting for Government approval, we will then email you all regarding policy increases and conditions.

Automation of Vehicle Registration

On the 6th January 2020 the Automation of Vehicle Automation will be going live. This will include online payment for inspection fees applying for special plates, the new system should greatly assist both people and Government staff to make life a little easier.

Registering Your Will Here, Costs/Opening Hours etc

It is essential to have a valid Will here if you wish to transfer your estate to the person[s] you love and cherish when you leave this mortal world. Although it is not compulsory to log it with the courts here, it is highly recommended.

The office you need to go to in Girne is in the court complex to the left of the walk through on the Ground floor. The hours of opening are Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 0900 – 1100 on each day. Take your Will with you, plus your passport and postage stamps to the value of 90TL. You will need to enter some detail on the envelope provided and the Registrar will complete the process for you.

We are providing a Will service for the successful completion and all the necessary information needed to complete the service on your behalf. Your official Will additions can be entered on the form provided by us and then the information can be transferred so the Will can look more official and accurate.

Bank customers are charged 75TL for this service, for non-customers the charge is 100TL, far cheaper than the more conventional route and easier.

Going through this myself with Mary’s passing, has proved the information and the Will we had are more than acceptable to the Courts here.

Occasionally the contents of the Last Will and Testament will change with the passing of time, for example passport numbers and even beneficiaries, so a periodic check would not go amiss. Because of Mary’s death I needed to rewrite my will and then re-submit it to the registrar’s office in Girne.

Bayram Holidays

There is a Bayram holiday on the 1st January 2020 where all Government/ Local Government offices, Banks and schools will be closed from 12 noon on the 31st December 2019 and all day on the 1st January 2020 to celebrate the New year. 

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year and hope all you wish for comes true.

Trevor Hughes

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For any further information please email me through the contact box below or at Capital Bank in Alsancak.

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