Some non-governmental organisations criticised the UK

Human Rights Association and National Unions platform criticised the UK regarding the obstacle restricting Meral Berilsu, who became the world’s number one at IGCSE exams, to pass to South Cyprus in order to take her award.

The representatives of non-governmental organisations made a statement at 11:30 am at the British High Commission building.

In the statement, it was expressed: “Awards to Turkish students should be presented at the British High Commission in North Cyprus”.

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  1. It is very difficult to like the British Government. They are not very reliable on any subject that is not to the obvious benefit to them, Quite often even that is Questionable.
    They Tried to Divide the Anadolu With the British, French, Greek and Armenian.
    Without hesitation as iff It was there’s To do as they Wish.
    They are completely devoid of any Scruples.
    I would not Trust them to do the Right Thing when it comes to Turkey or Turkish.
    That Their Foreign office Political Position.
    They Love the Greeks even when they know that the Greeks Hate the English, the Greeks even Hate Lord Byron for reasons of their choice. But the British Rewarded them by telling them To Take As Much Of Anadolu as they wished.
    When Not Able To be able to Achieve, They Received all of the Aegean and the Islands.
    If they can be so Generous towards the Greeks who Hates them, How Can We Expect the British Government To Treat The Turkish Cypriots Any Better Than They Have Been To Presence?