Prime Minister Ersin Tatar is in London for official contacts

Within the framework of his contacts in London, Prime Minister Tatar will meet with Turkish Cypriot non-governmental organisations in the UK.  After making various visits he will hold a press conference before leaving London.

After completing his contacts in London the Prime Minister will return to the TRNC tomorrow. (30/11/2019)

Prior to his visit to London, Prime Minister and Head of the National Unity Party, Ersin Tatar, travelled to Strasbourg, and met with Czech Parliamentarian Jan Zahradil, one of the prominent figures of the Conservative and Reformist Group of the European Parliament, of which the UBP is a member.

The meeting focused on the development of relations between the National Unity Party and the European Parliament, the Conservatives and the Reformist Group, and they also exchanged views on the future of Europe and Cyprus.