Environment protection

Girne Mayor and Football Team help with an environment clean up

Last week we published an article regarding the Girne cleaning operation by Evkaf Volunteers for Good, to be carried out on Sunday 24th November in the area of Castle and the Amphitheatre in Girne.

The cleaning event took place and we were pleased to see many pictures and comments of the volunteers who made the effort to join in and clean the area for the benefit of the local community.  There are now many young people showing how much they care about the environment and making efforts to make North Cyprus a place of which to be proud.

Following are comments made about the cleaning campaign.

It was a lot of fun watching how a young football team had a competition to see which team was faster in collecting rubbish.  The teams were split into black and yellow and they were given 30 minutes to collect as much rubbish as possible, with a prize for the winning team.

Thank you to Girne Belediye for supporting our cleaning in the area of the Castle and Amphitheatre, and a big thank you to Mayor Nidai Güngördü for organizing a super picnic for us at Cafe George in Girne.  The Mayor joined the cleaning campaign even though it was his day off!