Art and Culture

James Smile art classes at Hati’s Cafe, Esentepe

By Margaret Sheard…

On Thursday morning 28th November Chris and I were travelling back to Ozanköy from Bahceli along the coast road and we fancied a stop for coffee and Chris said our best option is in the centre of Esentepe.

As we were driving up the hill into Esentepe a delivery vehicle was in a position preventing us from stopping at a bar so Chris said let’s go to Hati’s Cafe which we did.

Whilst we were driving there I said I think James Smile has an art class there today and when we arrived there were a number of cars parked outside Hati’s Cafe.

It was a nice warm afternoon with a little sunshine and we found James with a group of ladies all busy with their artwork in a nice shaded area and we were greeted by them plus our dear friend Hati.

Chris took some photos of the group and some of their work and then James, who is a near neighbour, came over and joined us for a coffee and a chat.

Today was the first day the group had met and they had all been very busy with their projects using various painting techniques with lots of help and enthusiastic advice from James.

James Smile as many locals will know is an accomplished entertainer who one day started to try painting and now, as he said, is working on paintings for around 4 hours a day and has painted many gorgeous seascapes and landscapes some of which are special commissions.

We are hoping that James is now going to pick up a pen and write a little about the various painting methods he is interested in and helping others to use and if any reader wishes to contact James they can do so on 0533 830 7558.  

James’ seascape masterpiece