TFR share news of the new TRNC MOT dates.

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) have circulated news of the new TRNC MOT dates as shown below and have asked us to share this with our readers.

Dear members,

Shown below are the MOT dates for 2020 (technical inspection of vehicles). Please be aware that private vehicles are to be found under section “D” (ozel araclar…).

Note: Before you go to get the MOT, you will need an emission test from an authorized garage. With the test results and your original car documents you first have to go to the tax office in Girne and pay the fee. After that you proceed to the MOT-station behind the police headquarter in Girne.

You have to use the time window mentioned in the schedule. Exceeding the date means you will be fined (but usually the fine wasn’t very high in the past). So, if you’re not in TRNC at the time given, get a friend or neighbour to do it for you, maybe your nearby garage can help or your car dealership..



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