December 6, 2023

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay issued a written statement and stated that the policy of the government for opening Maraş is continuing decisively.

Minister Özersay pointed out that the Inventory Commission on Maraş came together once again and evaluated the data obtained from previous fieldworks by the experts from different institutions. Özersay also underlined that in reply to Greek Cypriot initiatives to avoid the Turkish Cypriot Government’s Maraş policy via United Nations, they explained their policy to all interlocutors by a proactive diplomacy.

Özersay stressed that the experts from the different institutions started to complete their reports on the latest situation of the antiquities, churches, movable properties, power lines and buildings in Maraş and some points of these issues will be evaluated next week in the Council of Ministers.

Özersay also stated that they had taken diplomatic initiatives against the initiatives of the Greek Cypriot side in the presence of the UN Security Council and they sent a letter to the United Nations in response to the Greek Cypriot side’s Maraş letter.

Özersay continued his statement as follows:

“We sent a letter to the United Nations in response to the Greek Cypriot side’s letter, and we mentioned about the steps we have taken and will take in respect of Maraş at the many diplomatic meetings we held in New York in September. On the other hand, the ongoing lawsuit on this matter was concluded and a decision was announced. In fact, all these developments have confirmed the proper position of the government policy towards the opening of the city of Maraş. Our following a policy that does not usurp the property rights of both the former inhabitants and the Vakıf, and also putting an attitude based on human rights and maintaining this balance, is the most important factor that will enable the implementation of the Maraş initiative”.

1 thought on “Özersay: ‘We are insisting on our Maraş policy’

  1. As far as correctness is concerned, the description of legality is always disputable.
    As an example the Embargo On Northern Cypriots if it can be called Legal by the Rest of the World, than I am Challenging the Morality of this Judgment and at very Ease I am Declaring any Authority that Recognises this as being Legal of being Immortal.
    They are is a thing called Morally Correct, and my Opinion is that what we are doing abut Maraş as Many other things can be classified as such, Unlike the spoiled lot in the South.
    So Good Luck All the Way.

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