Üstel answered questions of Levent Kutay about Kyrenia Ancient Harbour

Minister of Tourism and Environment Ünal Üstel answered the questions of Levent Kutay in the BRT News Center program.  He indicated that he wanted to give good news at the beginning of the program and announced that the tender for the renovation of Kyrenia Ancient Harbor will be started next week. 

Expecting that the study will begin in December, the Minister said the historical image of the ancient port will be brought to the country in  April 2020 when we will turn the ancient harbour into an area of attraction.

Üstel commented:

“I don’t say it to criticise anyone, but why did we make such a valuable area so worthless? I need to question this. We have been working on the ancient harbour for 4 months. In order to eliminate the visual disturbance and to return this place, which our people now hesitate to visit,  back to its original state, that is, its original structure, the  project is to preserve its historical texture. We’re in the final stage this week. I hope we will send the tender next week and start the selection within 15 days. We will talk to tradesmen and seafarers.  We are renovating the harbour in December-January-February-March and to open the new tourism season with a beautiful magnificent ceremony in the Ancient Harbour.

We expect cooperation from everyone. Our tradesmen, resturants, ship owners, fishing vessels.  For Girne, every sacrifice made for the port will be returned in the future. We will make Girne a suitable harbour for the TRNC and a place which everyone will envy. The countdown has begun. ”

Girne Municipality,  in consultation with the Ministry of Transport and KIB-TEK, will implement new lighting and sewerage system and the asphalt in the centre of the port will be removed.  “We will not continue with the umbrellas which spoil the beauty of the harbour.  We will introduce a uniform umbrella standard. We even thought about table-chair arrangement. Everyone needs to sacrifice. But at the end of the day, everyone will gain”.

Explaining that they are determined to implement the Ancient Harbour Regulations, Ustel referred to unpaid fishing fees, and in respect of unpaid mooring of fishing boats, yachts and other vessels they will be confiscated and delivered to the State Real Estate Materials Department, the new fees will be determined by the new regulation.

Unal Ustel announced that the buildings in the Ancient Harbour, which had not been maintained for years and which have resulted in a bad appearance, would also be modified and invoices sent to the owners.

A supervisory board will be established for the ancient harbour of Girne, and a lot of arrangements will go through this mechanism, the Tourism Police will also start their tasks.