Murder in the Med, a book by Brian J Thomas

Intro by Margaret Sheard ….

After many years as Chairman of The Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch, Brian Thomas finally managed to take his well-earned retirement.  

We wondered what he would be doing with himself with all this free time, and now we know, he has been writing a book which has now been published.

Press Release ….

Long term expat and Karşiyaka resident Brian Thomas and his wife Adele moved to the TRNC over 13 years ago and he has spent most of that time in the fast lane working on various projects ranging from organizing the unveiling of the British Cyprus memorial in 2009 which turned out to be a 6 month full time role. His military background came to the fore, he retired as a Major in the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment in 2006, when in 2011 he became the founding chairman of the RBL Kyrenia branch and served on the committee for 7 years. He has worked as a reporter for both the Cyprus Star and Cyprus Today in the past and is also an avid bowler at the Olive Press bowling club in Lapta where he has been a member since it opened in April 2012. Add to the mix 10 years of tapping the boards with both the Theatre Lambousa and RBL Theatre Players, several years of hosting fun quizzes, cycling around and to the top of the island with the RBL Poppy Riders and life has indeed been hectic for this motivated individual.

Mr. Thomas explained: “2019 is the first year since we arrived on the island where I have actually taken a break and took time to enjoy what retirement is supposed to feel like. I have always had a penchant to write a book and this summer proved the ideal opportunity after finally stepping down from most of my activities in earnest. Encouraged by my wife I decided to have a go at a short story first and this was published on Kindle eBooks worldwide earlier this week. It is in the murder mystery category and the synopsis is as follows”:

“In the sleepy backwaters of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, an unrecognised country in the eastern Mediterranean, retired expats enjoy life in the slow lane. However, all is not as it seems in this little corner of paradise. The Lemon Grove Bowling Club on the beautiful turquoise coast is the centre of intrigue, which the millionaire cockney owner Billy Wasp runs with an iron grip. Murder and intrigue are the order of the day when his coquettish female partner Patsy Errington slowly becomes disenchanted with their hedonistic way of life. Blackmail, mystery and envy all play their part in this first short story from Brian J Thomas.”

He continued: “A few of my trusted friends read it and I received favourable comments so decided to sign up with Kindle Direct Publishing due to their worldwide reach and eBooks seemed to be the way to go. I am hoping to continue the saga of Patsy Errington for a few more episodes yet and have lots of ideas for a script. It is great to have the time to concentrate on just writing for once. Although I will still be organizing this year’s Remembrance Sunday service at the Old British Cemetery in Girne, my 11th so far and as it will be the 10th anniversary of the unveiling of the British Cyprus memorial it should be a bumper turnout on the 10th November.”