Environment protection

Scientific studies at Incirli Cave are progressing

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

 Near East University is involved in a research project, regarding a cave in the Incirli area (TRNC) along with Savoy University of France, Nice Sophia-Antipolis University and the Association of Cave Enthusiasts and Geçitkale Municipality.

According to the information released by the University, the project involves scientific studies of climate and climate changes inside the cave, to study the natural environment of cave creatures. 

The project will use a data collector, designed by Bernard Laplaud, which records changes in the cave environment every 30 minutes. 

Near East University Environmental Research Centre member Prof. Dr. Salih Gücel stated that the studies carried out as a team is continuing to investigate and protect the characteristics of the cave environment and the creatures of the cave, as well as studies on the protection of the cave and visitors.