December 9, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

It is said that creative minds make our future better because they bring to light alternative ways to reach long term social and other goals. With the same view, the Near East University recently organised the first,” Creative Ideas Competition”.

According to the press information released by the university, the competition was held to provide an opportunity and to support creative ideas which will contribute to societal values to be brought to light and to contribute to the realisation of sustainable social change models that produce social benefits.

A large number of contestants participated in the competition with projects and these were evaluated by the Competition Jury and resultantly, two projects were chosen worthy of an award.

Assoc. Professor Dr. Dilek Arsoy of NEU won the second runner up award for her project in which she suggested the implementation of the green flag application that would enable the consumer to buy the product by seeing the ECO milk/meat stamp. The project, which is thought to be a solution for natural meat and milk consumption by providing safe and controlled food, will enable consumers to purchase monitored, audited and certified products.

The first runner up was chosen as the project put forward by Prof. Dr. Mehtap Tiryakioğlu from Faculty of Medicine. Prof. Dr. Mehtap Tiryakioğlu presented her idea on the creation of learning rooms which will revolutionise anatomy education involving the examination of important structures regarding the internal world of organs with 3D structures and animations. The project will support the education of medical and dental students through visual perception, while the visitors will have an amazing trip through the organs of our body.

The winners of the competition were awarded one week free  stay at the Mimoza hotel.

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