December 6, 2023

A few days ago we published a report and marvellous photos by Stephen Bates of the North Cyprus Clean-Up Kids click here about his visit and impressions of the Beach Cleaning in the Camelot Beach area and now we are pleased to share with our readers the following report.

By Diana Suyunshalina….

Thanks to our friend Murat, we now have a 7-seater Toyota Sienta!!!

Today 15th July we cleaned around our church next to Camelot Beach in Alsancak. There were adults and children volunteers. The youngest was only 1 year and 8 months old, and she did an outstanding job.

Over the last few months, hundreds of students and small children took part in the clean-up, many of them were not even 3 years old. And they all enjoyed it. It made them feel grown-up.

If children are taught to respect the environment from childhood, then in the future, there would be less cost to maintain it, and we would live in a clean world.

Our goal is to involve as many children as possible in the process of caring for our island, and not only the island, but the entire planet.

If you don’t have time to join our cleaning, you can help by buying us: water, food, gasoline, bags, etc. We would be happy if the owners of cafes and restaurants could organise tea for us.

If you have contacts at schools, it will help us, too. It is always easier to do something with acquaintances. The more we draw attention to the rubbish problem, it is more likely that something will change. There are many creative people on the island. Sometimes a crazy idea can get a lot of attention and then change the world. We welcome any new exciting ideas.

Thanks to our mayor Fırat Ataser for the car and bags, to Oya Kutsal for the food and drinks, to Caner Safer for gardening tools, and to all the beautiful volunteers, especially our little heroes. There is hope for our planet, with the ones like you!

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