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Solo painting exhibition of Kyrgyzstan Artist Almaz Sharshekeev

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The exhibition of 25 paintings of Kyrgyzstan Artist Almaz Sharshekeev is on display at the Faculty of Communication Exhibition Hall of Near East University. The paintings were specially completed for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts.

The exhibition was recently inaugurated by the Minister of Finance Olgun Amcaoğlu.

The artist expressed his feelings and views about the exhibition and said, “as an artist from Kyrgyzstan, I welcomed the invitation to participate in the project of creating a Museum of Modern Art in the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. I would like to thank the Founding Rector Suat Bey and his team for giving me the excitement of opening a personal exhibition. We know how important the cooperation of our countries is in the field of art and culture. In my paintings which are exhibited, I tried to reflect the colours of my country, the characteristics of the human image and the characteristics of national traditions and customs.”

The exhibition, which includes abstract works, will be open to visitors at the Faculty of Communication Exhibition Hall until 19 July 2019 between 08.00-16.00 hours on weekdays.