August 8, 2022

By Chris Elliott….. is heading for its 7th year anniversary when it first started reporting local news and reviews from Northern Cyprus on 27th July 2012 and in the following months and years, it received increasing interest from people and organisations who wished to use its resources or talk about it.

Margaret Sheard and I were soon contacted by Can Gazi of BRTK and were invited to join him for an interview for his “A Cup of Conversation” show on BRT2 Television (click here) which you can view in the video he kindly provided below which tells much of our journey of discovery and development.

In the months and years ahead we shared news of the projects we were publishing and arranged interviews with Can Gazi for Paul Haines – a Peace Walker, Eren and Sermen Erdogan (as children they lived at The Governor’s House, Nicosia)  Pat Newman (Newmans Farm Girne), John Aziz Kent and others.

As CyprusScene was growing we offered to promote weekly “A Cup of Conversation” shows on BRT Television and published 382 preview article for Can Gazi (click here) to help attract more worldwide viewers to the shows.

During that period we were also contacted by TV Producer and Radio DJ, Engin Dervișağa and were interviewed a number of times (click here) for his outside broadcast Vox Pop show 

Again we offered to promote the Vox Pop and Discovering North Cyprus shows by Engin Dervisaga and published 327 review articles (click here) for him to help his shows reach a worldwide audience.

Time has moved on at a frantic pace and we have had many good people send us their news and reviews for publishing so we think we are doing a good job in supporting their confidence through the outreach of our publishing. Sadly along the way, we have had a few people who don’t like what we do and have tried to damage our image but that was short lived and soon forgotten.

In the past, Margaret Sheard and I had written for local newspapers and we tried to have printed and distributed our own newspaper but this proved to be a sad experiment so we went online and have been publishing a free weekly online enewspaper that can be read online or downloaded.

This coming week we will be publishing our 84th issue which will be a bumper issue following a short break.

We are now looking forward to our 8th year and entering 2020 and seeing the constant flow of news and reviews being sent to us for publishing, we now believe we are becoming the favourite read of many.

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