February 6, 2023

By Trevor Hughes ….

Temporary Residency

There are changes to the first application for Temporary Residency, [under 60 years of age]

  1. Go through the current procedure, going to the police, blood tests and payment etc.
  1. When you have followed the procedure, after 4 weeks, go to the Immigration Department in Lefkosa for processing.
  1. If all your paperwork is in order you will be granted SIX MONTHS Temporary Residence.
  1. Upon the expiratory date you will need to go to the Immigration Department for a second 6-month allowance.
  1. There is no requirement to go to the police station or have another blood test.
  1. However, you do need to take with you a new copy of your latest bank statement and another copy of your sales agreement/ Kocan/rental agreement.
  1. When the two six-month periods have lapsed, you can then apply for a one-year Temporary Residence.

The fee for a 6-month application is currently 233TL and  one 18TL postage stamp.

You must not let the Temporary Residence overrun and you cannot renew it early.

The Government are debating the possibility of a two-year period, watch this space.

Mobile Phone Roaming

In last month’s Trevor’s Tips, I reported that mobile phone roaming in the south, was to start operating by the end of June 2019. Well, no progress and no facility, I warned you not to hold your breath and low and behold still no service. We will just have to wait and wait and wait.

Emergency Medical Accident Cover

Capital Bank are now offering FREE emergency medical accident cover on all their fully comprehensive car policies for new customers and renewals alike. These policies are age sensitive and not available to people over the age of 68 years old. For more details call into the Bank and speak to Mary, or call 0533 844 3403.

Vehicle Log Books

If you need to apply for a replacement vehicle log book, for whatever reason, the cost is now 118TL. Capital Insurance offer a replacement service for those who have no wish to spend hours on end waiting for their turn at the office in Lefkosa.


Mary, my wife was in need of a good physiotherapist to put her back in good order. She went to Medical Port in Girne for a consultation with an Orthopaedic consultant who undertook an MRI scan which revealed a trapped nerve. He recommended to try physio first as he felt a few sessions would have the desired effect.

Well, she, attended four one-hour sessions and the effect has been marvelous, no pain and walking much better. Up to yet she will not need surgery as recommended by another hospital (10,000 TL) and would highly recommend her physiotherapist for prompt action. Her name is Gulsan Taspinar at Medical Port Hospital she speaks excellent English and can be contacted on 0533 852 5221. If necessary, she will undertake home visits.

Bayram Holiday

This month there is one Bayram holiday being on Saturday the 20th July 2019 Peace and Freedom Day. As the holiday falls on a Saturday, the offices of the Banks, Government/local Government will not be affected.

TRNC Driving

Statistics show the next three months suffer more road traffic accidents than at any other time in the year. This has been proved because tourists have witnessed the poor standard of driving here. Be careful and don’t become one of these statistics!


Trevor Hughes

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