It is understood by accident a missile from Syria fell in the TRNC

Özersay: “It is understood that by an accident a missile from Syria fell in the TRNC”

In his statement following the Council of Ministers meeting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay said that information received via contacts with some foreign ambassadors in the country yesterday (1st July ) and the findings of the TRNC authorities overlaps.

Özersay said: “It is understood that as a result of an accident with the guidance of Syria, a missile fell to the TRNC the previous night following the intense attacks from Israel to Syria. All information overlaps.”

Özersay added: “The writing on the debris which fell by accident in Gaziantep, Turkey in July 2018 matches the writing that was found on the one which fell in the TRNC.”

Indicating that the first assessments show that this is a missile debris called S-200 in the Russian system and SA-5 model in the NATO system, Özersay called Israel and the other countries in the region, especially the Syrian regime, to act calmly and to take measures on the issue with the consideration of safety of life and property in the neighbouring countries.

Foreign Minister Özersay stated that Chief of Turkish General Staff General Yaşar Güler told him that this is an extraordinary accident and there is no need to panic.