Animal care

Animals and how they are affected by Tourism

By Peri Sualp….

In my last article about animal cruelty, I wrote about how circus animals are getting abused.

I talked about why we should stop circus animal abuse and of course all type of animal abuse! It is not fair for animals. No living thing should be forced to doing something which is against its nature!

In this article, I will be writing about animal abuse in touristic places which might not be seen as severe but it is. Now that the holiday season started, you should all know the truth behind the scenes. 

These animals are the world’s cruellest attraction!

Even if all you do is ride on an elephant, take a selfie with a tiger or watch dolphins or whales perform a show, you are contributing to the suffering of these majestic animals!

So what type of suffering do the animals face.

1.Elephants – are taken from their parents when they are babies and from day one they are trained with the system called ‘the crush!’ It involves physical restraints, inflicting extreme pain and deprivation of food and water. When tourists come to see those elephants they are all calm because their spirit and joy has been broken into pieces! This affects their psychological and physical well being!  After ‘the crush’ they are chained! They can’t interact with each other, and as elephants are naturally gregarious, i.e. live in groups, they can die of broken hearts!

2. Tigers – are also separated from their mothers at an early age! They are trained cruelly and are always locked up in cages and chained. They might be dangerous animals but they are tortured and abused! Tourists handle the cubs and adults for hours and pose with them for photos. They are also often told to hit the cubs if they display aggressive or unwelcome behaviour.

3.  Dolphins – many people visit these most wonderful fun loving creatures and watch them perform! They watch them perform in awe, but they are unaware of the cruelty and abuse the dolphins experience! They are often chased by high-speed boats before being hauled on board or caught in nets. For most of the poor dolphins they stress very easily when they are getting transformed to their new habitat which is why they die! You might not notice the dolphins abuse but they all go through a lifetime of suffering!

4.  Camels – are used in touristic places very often! Especially in summertime these poor camels suffer from the heat and torture at the same time! The heat and the abuse these camels are exposed to causes a lot of health problems for them! If camels spit or scream, it means that they have experienced bad abuse.

So before you put your child on camels or allow them to pet animals, understand their pain and if you have just a little bit of conscience, then you’ll never participate in such activities!

These animals are just a few examples! You cannot imagine the suffering many animals/creatures are going through. Do you think they want a life like this? They feel hopeless and have no escape! They feel like they were born to be beaten up and to suffer and know nothing but sadness!

No matter how comforting and convincing these animals’ owners are, don’t believe them! They are absolutely all liars.


  1. Don’t participate in any activity which involves animals because no animal likes being used for their whole life!
  2. Make a debate! Find friends and family, even strangers to join a club and discuss what can be done to help.
  3. Join websites! Something like WILDLIFE! Tell everyone to join too.
  4. Start up a campaign against abuse of these animals and report these people if possible.

With everyone’s help we can together stop the animal entertainment industry and therefore their abuse!  Save our world! Save yourself!

Thank you for reading…