Candy Themed Hair and Makeup Visual Show at Near East University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

As part of their year end project the students of the Department of Hair Care and Beauty of Near East University, organised a “Candy Themed Hair and Makeup Visual Show” at the Grand Library of the university.

According to the press information released by the university, the show also included a fashion parade, which was very much enjoyed by the students and other spectators. The students offered candy themed food and drinks to the people attending. The show was concluded with dance and ballet shows. DJ Bora and DJ Halil Eren provided the music, alongside fashion designer Ali K. Yah.

Speaking on the occasion, Assist Prof Dr Aksoy expressed gratitude to particular individuals including: Department of Hair Care and Beauty Services, Hair Academician Safiye İyikalp; Makeup specialist Safiye Yalnız; Near East University Dance Instructor Nezihe Erken; Head of Department of Music Teaching Emine Kıvanç Öztuğ and students Mehmet Türkmen and Berk Dengiz; Tango Club and Akdeniz Tango instructors Ali Denker and Fatoş Mayın; Cranberries Dance School Instructors İnanç Uçaröz and Eda Türmen Kutruza; Ballet Teacher Seray Selan; Ali K. Yah for candy-themed costume designs; DJ Bora and DJ Halil Eren for their music, presenter of the event Melek Arabacıoğlu; Department of Radio-TV personnel Hüseyin Dağlı, Hasan Keskinel and Behcet; Assistant Melek Moda and Emre Adak.