9th Girne Culture and Art Days starts with Theatre Play

Organized by the Girne Municipality, the 9th Girne Culture and Art Days began with a play entitled “What Fits in a Suitcase” and was staged by the Ankara Art Theatre.

The play performed at the Girne Amphitheatre, received full marks from the audience and the players were applauded for several minutes. The 9th Girne Culture and Art Days will continue with the Hadise Concert on 9th July.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü in his speech at the event said that when the play opened in Turkey it was a sell-out.  It is a drama about the lives of people who migrated because of the war and the play follows life in Paphos and the days living in Limassol.

Nidai Güngördü referred to the Girne Culture and Art Days held last year with the theme of “peace through art” and hoped it would be instrumental in peace and tolerance through art for all humanity this year.

On behalf of the Municipality, Güngördü thanked those who contributed to the play, the members of parliament and the community of Girne.