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Artwork of Kazakhstan artists on display at Near East University

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

An exhibition of artworks of artists of Kazakhstan was recently opened in the Near East University, Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts. The exhibition consists of 55 paintings.

According to the information released by the Museum, the exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Hasan Tacoy, the Minister of Economy and Energy.

The opening speech of the exhibition was made by the Vice Rector of the Near East University Prof. Dr. Fahreddin Sadıkoğlu, who said that the exhibition is very rich in terms of style and content.

Stating that it is possible to see gray tones on the one hand and white, blue and red tones on the other hand, Prof. Dr. Sadıkoğlu said that all of the tones carry a philosophical thought.  He also said, “Kazakhstan painters generally deal with the topics of impressionism, post-impressionism, realism and environment. The third largest lake in the world; Caspian Lake, Miçan Lake and Aral Lake are located in Kazakhstan. Painters also draw attention to the catastrophes taking place in the Aral Lake. Some of the works also show the effects of environmental disasters.”

Prof. Dr. Sadıkoğlu continued, saying that more than 3 million people were killed in Kazakhstan due to Soviet policy in the 1930s, and that this was reflected in the artworks. Stating that Kazakhstan belongs to the Kipchak Turks,  he added “The Cengiz Khan Empire continued its existence in Kazakhstan for a long time. It has also been a source of pride for the Turks. The main epicenter of the Hun Empire, which conquered all of Europe, is Kazakhstan today.”

The exhibition, which reflects the nature and decorative styles, can be visited in the Atatürk Culture and Congress Center Exhibition Hall until 21 June 2019 between 08.00-16.00 on weekdays.