Happy Birthday Wendy Toms

By Margaret Sheard ….

Hot on the heels of a superb wedding party on 19th May, Wendy Toms (nee Smith) had another celebration party to mark her 69th birthday.

This event was held at the Paradise Holiday Bungalows complex in Çatalkoy on Tuesday 11th June, and was attended by around 70 guests, many of whom we have met before and some new faces as well.  What a popular couple Peter and Wendy are.

The Dervisağa family had worked hard preparing for this party and tables had been arranged at one side of the pool with a space available for dancing.   Brian Delaney provided the entertainment with his vast repertoire of songs, starting off with some quieter songs before the more upbeat music which soon had the guests up and dancing.

The well-known BRTK Producer/Director/Presenter of outside English language TV shows, Engin Dervisağa, is one of the sons of the family and he was taking the opportunity of interviewing Peter and Wendy, along with some of the guests for a future TV programme.

There was a nice set meal of chicken, potatoes and salad and it looked as if family friends had been drawn in to help with the serving, which was very quick and efficient and soon everyone was tucking in.  Well done Mustafa Dervisağa, who had the task of bringing this all together and still kept smiling, as always.

After people had eaten they were enjoying dancing to Brian’s music and mingling with the other guests to have some conversation.  We were pleased to see Peter’s brother Colin and his wife D’reen there with their carers Alison and Paul Cunnew, also with them were Paul’s mother and 2 sisters who had come for the first time for a week’s holiday, and loved it.   They were all due to leave North Cyprus in a couple of day’s time. 

The inevitable cake(s) arrived and everyone wished Wendy a Happy Birthday, before the cake was cut and distributed to the guests.

It was a warm evening and so lovely to sit outside and enjoy the conversation, music and dancing and watch the sun go down.  There is a multitude of plants around the whole of the complex which are lovingly cared for by Engin’s Mum, Ayşe, including the exquisite orchids in the lounge/dining area.

I suspect next year will be a very special BIG 70 party for Wendy and look forward to being invited to that one.

Paradise Holiday Bungalows is a lovely family run holiday complex and we look forward to spending some more time there with Chris’s son and grandson who will be holidaying there in a couple of weeks time.