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KAR Weekly News Roundup for 14th June 2019

Veni Vici waiting for softies

Don’t forget to drop your ‘softies’ off at Veni Vici if you are based on the West Side of the island…..

If you are on the east side, then the KAR office in Karakum would be great!

Low Fat Easy Passion Fruit Ice Cream (Thank you Kelly)

1/2oz 15g Custard Powder

1/2 pt/300ml Skimmed Milk

2 oz/300ml Caster Sugar

2 Passion Fruits (scoop out the flesh and pips)

2 Egg Whites whisked.

Blend the custard powder with half the milk and cook until thick.

Remove from the heat and beat until smooth.

Whisk in the remaining milk, sugar, fruit flesh and pips.

Fold in the whisked egg whites

Pour into a freezer proof container, cover and freeze for 3 – 4 hours or until mushy.

Beat and refreeze until firm

Delicious served with seasonal fruit.

Yummy – thanks Kelly.

Volunteer for PIT Table

We are in need of at least one volunteer to assist on our PIT Table (Public Information Table).

It is in the centre of Girne opposite The George and opens on a Friday for approx 2 .5 hours.

Please call the office on 0533 869 4098 or email at You need to be able to engage with the public and promote and explain KAR to visitors. It is a lovely way to meet people. SO if you can spare 3 hours on a Friday please help!

Thank you Catherine Meddes

Huge shout out to Catherine Meddes and her local ‘The Butchers Arms’ who raised £100.00 for KAR, with a collection box in the bar.

Thank you to all who donated, and thank you to Catherine for bringing KAR and its work to the notice of the customers at the ‘The Butchers Arms’ in the UK.

Looking back at KAR in the Press

To read all about it in, online weekly enewspaper and the favourite read of many in Northern Cyprus.